Fun With TL Impression 2

Woman Making A Video At Rockland LighthouseCouldn’t help myself. Today, I downloaded and installed the newest version of on of my favorite effects programs, Topaz Labs Impression 2. I came across one of the new presets and for this one image, it seemed a perfect fit. The effect is called Impasto Fingerpaint and it creates images with a 60’s kind of phsychedelic vibe. I normally don’t go for this kind of thing, having outgrown the 60’s. But in this case, it spoke to me.

The shot was made as I stood atop the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater in Rockland Harbor. I was looking down onto the a woman who who was part of our group. She wanted to get some low angle shots just as we were about to leave. You probably can’t even tell it’s a person, but the shapes the effect created from her, the rock base, the seaweed, and water were pretty interesting.


Glasses On Table

While waiting for folks at the Maine Media Workshops to finish their evening meals, I looked at my glasses on the table and thought I’d have some camera fun. TLI2 gave me this viersion. I like how it covered up the distractions in the background, which you could notice despited the soft focus. The effect add some mystery there. The rest, just what I saw and wanted to be seen.


Most of these have already been uploaded in separate color and B&W posts. The difference is that images in this collection have had a TLI2 effect applied, many the Edward Hopper effect, which is one of my favorites.

I haven’t figured out how one goes about printing up images that have a built-in canvas look.


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