Color Photos From Maine

This is a followup to my black and white post of images from Maine. There, I had stated that sometimes I prefer to render an image in monotone, letting the tone, shadows and shapes carry the photographic message. In cases where color is important, there are other processing steps to be made. Here are my color photos from that trip.

Red's Eats Wiscasset ME copy

There are towns in Maine that I think of as drive-through towns. You’re on you way to some well known place (Acadia comes to mind), and you see some interesting places and think, “Gee, I should stop there someday.” Wiscasset is like that. It’s a very attractive town but too small to make it a day. However, there is Red’s which is famous for its lobster rolls, I guess. Clearly, there was a long line for lunch and this wasn’t even at the height of tourist season.

Camden is big enough to be a destination, but often it’s also a pass-through with a stop for a few shots. On last week’s trip, we stayed in Rockport and as Camden is only a few miles away, we spent some nice mornings and evenings there.

Rockland is to the south of Rockport. It has a wonderful downtown shopping area with quaint stores. Cruise ships drop anchor in its harbor and shuttle tourists back and forth to shop.

Rockport is home to the Maine Media Workshops where my brother had a class in video. I went along to keep him company and we had some very nice sunrise and sunset opportunities.

Can’t escape the rental boats and their colors. These would work in B&W if photographed more closely, perhaps. But color rules here.

I looked around a lot and sometimes, there at my feet, were photos waiting for my lens and sensor. In the viewfinder, I couldn’t help but think how these images looked like satellite photos of our planet’s landscapes.



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