Hadley, MA And Norwottuck Trail

Corn Field Tree And Track View copy It was a rainly Saturday afternoon. Our plan had been to ride bikes on the Norwottuck Trail that connects North Hampton with Belchertown. But, thunderstorms and lightning in the forecast removed that option. Riding in a car with cameras, though…well, that was OK.

The tree in the photo here wasn’t what caught my eye. Instead, it was the dual tracks that the farm vehicles used to access their fields.

Corn Field Tree And Tracks BW copy I caught this in my peripheral vision as we drove by (I was in the back seat). I immediately asked that we stop so I could work this image.

Corn Field Tree And Tracks Pano copy

As you can see, there were many photographic options. I can’s say which view is my favorite yet.

When we finally managed to actually walk on the Norwottuck Trail, after the storm had passed, we were given these magnificent clouds to enjoy.

Corn Field And Clouds copy

We started by crossing the Connecticut River and walked as far as Hadley Center. I never get tired of photographing people on the bridge.

People Walking On CT River Bridge copy

Here are a couple other photos that I spotted just off the trail.

Old Ford Truck copy

Leaf Shadows On Old Building copy


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