RR Bridge Underside In Philadelphia

RR Bridge Underside - LensBlur - SPE-HDRBW - 1600hWhen I took this photograph, I wondered if I’d ever do anything with it. Sometimes such images just end up in the digital wastebasket. It’s always safer to take the shot and worry about this later.

Today, I got to thinking about a “lens blur” effect that ON1 provides. This is a technique that became popular in recent years because it makes street scenes look like miniature model images. It emulates using tilt-shift lenses. That’s not what I was going for, here, though. I thought I could just make the mass of metal more interesting with some of that blur working for me to concentrate one’s attention to the center.

Next, I used a bit of additional effects to do an HDR-like B&W in Smart Photo Editor.

Interestingly, I shot this using a 15mm lens on my Micro Four Thirds camera. The barrel distortion that the lens has actually helps the image in that it makes the foreground beam more prominent. I tried correcting in software but turned that feature off.


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