UPENN Library BW Mashup

UPENN Library Fireplace bw-spe 1600h Had a chance to check out the University of Pennsylvania Library in Philadephia. Very large, very ornate…quite interesting.

I was rushed along as our actual destination was the museum nearby. So, I only had a chance for a few photos. This one was my favorite and I was sure I wanted to do it up as a black & white.

Interestingly, I took two paths to get to this. First, I did color work in ON1 2017. When that looked good, I moved over to Smart Photo Editor, which has lots of effects and a simple-to-chose method of picking favorites. I did that and found at combination HDR B&W one. I saved a version of the image.

Next, I wondered how ON1’s B&W effects would measure up. I liked that result, too. I compared each finished version and liked different aspects of each. So, I used Affinity Photo, my Photoshop stand-in, and merged the two images. I put the smoother looking ON1 version on the bottom, the HDR-ish version on top, and did a 50% blend.

TMI? …sorry.


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