Random Nails

Telephone Pole Nails copy I went for a walk today and took along my Lumix GX8 with an old Nikkor 50mm F1.4 attached. I was curious about how well this lens would work. It was a sunny day and the weight wouldn’t bother me.

I had bought some adapters for a few of the Nikkors I decided not to sell back when I switched systems. This 50mm lens gives me an equivalent 100mm focal length because of the 2x crop factor. When I was shooting film, that 100mm range was useful for portraits.

Regarding lenses designed for film, I’m not sure they work as well as equivalent MFT lenses. The 50mm is over 40 years old. Technology has changed with new formulas, better lens coatings. I think the only thing that kills these old lenses is fungus, and even that could be fixed. The real problem is, new lenses are expensive, and if the old ones do the job then why not keep them?

So, while walking, I spotted a telephone pole with an interesting arrangement of nails and staples. I’ve passed this pole many times on many walks. I wonder if having the camera put me into photographer-mode, which explains why I spotted the photo-op. The pole is obviously used to post announcements for yard sales and things like that. For some reason, people don’t remove the hardware when the signs come down and the collection of hardware can be interesting.



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