My New Toy

Macro Toys copyWhen you are dealing in the close-up world, it’s nice to have the right tools at your disposal because things can quickly go wrong. I recently acquired a macro focusing adapter (thank you Craig’s List) and I think it’ll make a big difference in my close-up photography work.


Well, one of the problems you encounter is the need to move the camera and lens in very small steps. Normal tripod heads sometimes aren’t too helpful – they like large moves. But with adapters that have knurled knobs and gears for left, right, front, back, pitch, yaw and pan…it’s so much easier and precise.

In my case, I already had a geared head for some of these movements, and the new adapter made up for the rest. Sweet.

Here are my first attempts on a rainy Mother’s Day morning. The overcast helps with shadows, and if you pick your time between the periods of rain fall, it all seems to work out.

Water Drops 1

Water drops forming on the bottom of a folded plastic cover.

Water Drops 2Some of the water drops formed inside a plastic green house cover. There were large drops and very small drops which seemed to clump into groups, as if a watery gravity was pulling them together.

I suspect this is more to do with surface tension, but maybe there’s something else going on, too.

Water Drops On Plastic copyI wonder if there’s a point where they collapse into a large drop, or is it that the large drops breaks up?

Shallow DOF 4 copy

The breeze, often very slight, does affect the sharpness of images. And Murphy’s Law says that, at the moment you are ready to press the shutter release, the breeze will graduate into a steady wind.

Purple Flower Details

I wear glasses and I’m nearsighted. So, for me, this works out nicely because I can remove my glasses to look closely at my subject. Still, when you get close, new things appear in the camera that the eye may not notice. The long strands are likely from spiders, but the small hairs on the flower and plant leaves…what’s that all about?

Flower Details Shallow DOF

More of this interesting hair on the plants. Still not sure why it’s there.

Shallow DOF 3 copy

Shallow DOF 2

The bokeh on the Nikkor lens (60mm Micro Nikkor F2.8) seems to be doing its job. I don’t know if it could be better. The out-of-focus spots seem to work for me. I could have chosen a wider aperture making the bokeh better, but then that would affect depth-of-field which, compositionally, makes sense here to me.


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