Rummaging Through Old Photos

NEIPP 2008 Lighting Posing Class copyWhile attending a class at NEIPP (New England Institute of Professional Photography) back in 2008, I observed a marvelous photographer, our teacher for the week, setting up two model shoots. The class members were allowed to make shots of their own. I didn’t want to shoot exactly what he was shooting, so I stood off to the side and worked on angles that the other photographers completely ignored.

He talked about how he liked setting is subjects in the edge of light and dark. He mentioned that a few times during the week and I can sort of see what he meant. It’s not as much as getting that light-dark edge to be in the shot (as it is in the photo below), but how the subject can be framed in darkness while getting lit by the brighter light of the yin-yang light edge. Of course in this next photo, I stood off to the side, once again, trying for a completely different angle on the model.

Camera Club

It was this previous photo that I found while rummaging through a stack of prints I had lying around. It inspired me to look back in my collection of 2008 images and post them here.

Camera Club

While the class was concentrating on the model and how her face was lit and how she was framed by the staircase, I saw this detail from the side, instead.


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