Something Ordinary?

Had to come up with an image for either “Something Ordinary” or “Chair” as an example fulfilling a monthly photo contest. I have been somewhat inactive photographically as of late and had only a couple test shots. (I like to submit material based on recent work whenever possible.)

P1030154I started with an image I assume I made testing out depth of field. I have no idea why I would otherwise make this shot and I don’t remember of the test resulted in something useful.

Then, today, I was asked about the new Topaz Labs Studio Beta software. I already use their Impression tools, which turn images into painterly versions. I like this. Studio applies a different set of effects and, possibly, does much more.

I decided to test it on this image, but started with ON1 Photo Raw 2107 to make my initial adjustments. I stumbled across a preset section I hadn’t explored before and liked the result. So, I went down that path to produce this…

Ordinary Made Extraordinary Plus A Chair

I think I like it enough to leave it alone. Maybe I’ll check out “Studio” later. For now, I used this image and called it “Something Ordinare Made Extraordinary Plus A Chair”…fulfulling both contest categories.


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