From Inside The Steaming Tender

Had lunch with family members at the Steaming Tender in Palmer, MA. Before folks arrived (Lee and I were early), I watched as a slow moving train passed by. I walked up to the window, stuck my cellphone up against the glass, and made some photos. It’s hard to capture the precise moment with a cellphone because, by the time you press the on-screen button, and the phone focuses and does whatever internal stuff it has to do, the final capture may be off. Of the series I shot, I liked the clouds in the sky (so, any shots later in time I omitted) in this series and I tried to capture the interesting cars centered in the frame, more or less.

I could have cropped images for the cars, but then the clouds would appear in different spots. So, these eight are the ones I selected.

Passing Train Cars Palmer MA From Inside Steaming Tender - 1600h

This actually all started when I noticed the buildings across the tracks, well before the train arrived. I thought the composition might work as a B&W. I got up, took one photo, and then sat down. Later, I made the train car captures.

View From Steaming Tender Window Palmer MA

It wasn’t until I got home that I noticed the birds in flight. I think they help.

Later on, the engines pushing the cars came by. They looked new I though, why not make another photo. The clouds were different, so I excluded this shot from the collage.

Orange Engine Palmer MA


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