Bridge Shadow And River

rail-trail-bridge-over-connecticut-river-2016-bw-1600wThe Norwottuck Rail Trail crosses the Connecticut River between Northampton and Hadley in Massachusetts. It’s a beautiful trail and gets used throughout the year. The late afternoon shadows on the snow and ice caught my attention.

There’s a parking lot near the bridge so you can visit, enjoy and take photographs without having to walk very far. The Connecticut River is almost a quarter-mile wide where the rail trail crosses. Part of the distance is broken up by an island over which the old tracks and bridge made their way. The bridge is higher than the island so it’s continuous over the river’s width. The photo above is the narrower part of the river on the west side of the island. Below, the rail trail as it crosses the bridge (looking from the Northampton side).


calvin-coolidge-bridgeTo the south, you can see part of the larger bridge carrying Rt. 9 traffic between Northampton and Hadley. It’s not as interesting photographically, but during the summer, there are people sunbathing on the dock between the two bridges. Including people in photographs always presents a nice element.

The area around the river, especially the fertile valley on both sides, presents photographers with many scenic shots. There are interesting tobacco barns in the area, but farmers grow a variety of crops.

All in all, this is a very nice area to visit by car, by foot, by bicycle and recommended whether or not you have a camera.


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