Industrial Mill Complex Easthampton MA

sign-over-main-entrance-easthampton-mill-2016I visited a worn out mill complex in Easthampton, MA. I could only shoot from the outside as it was well fenced off. I wasn’t sure if it was in the process of being renovated or if they were getting ready to tear it down. Gutted as it was, and with many sections already falling down, I would guess they were getting ready for demolition.

You can never be sure what will catch your eye and, for sure, it would have been a lot of fun going inside to explore and photograph. It was a large complex and it would have take a whole day to cover it. But, from the outside, with many of the potential images blocked by fences and tree branches, you took what you could.


Doorbell Panel with transit ticket.

I spotted a doorbell panel by one of the boarded up access doors. There was a bus ticket stuck between the bezel and panel. I made a few photos and then removed the ticket for a final shot. At home, I found I preferred the version with the ticket.

I was tempted to process the image as a black & white, but it was already fairly monotone with the silver and grey in the panel. It wasn’t until a couple days later that I reconsidered one of the wider angle versions and ran the effects until I found this one…


I like the grunginess of the effect and it fits nicely with my memory of the rundown nature of the mill.

Here, window panes, missing and broken, and covered in purple plywood, worked better as a black and white…


Other Photos And Applied Effects








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