NoHo Backsides In B&W

p1020853-copyI had 30 minutes to kill in Northampton, MA. I parked in a lot behind some businesses, most of which were retail shops and restaurants. It was a sunny day, it was midday, and I knew the sunlight would be overpowering.

I decided to stay in the shadows and not fight the high contrast I’d certainly experience in the main streets.


I noticed a backside of one of the businesses was clad in shiny metal and thought it would be a good subject for my “Backsides” niche, something I’ve started doing hoping a collection of similar images would be a nice body of work someday.

I made a couple exposures and left.

I did eventually wander out to the main street and, sure enough, the sunlight was harsh. So, I came back near the end of my 30 minutes, and noticed yet another interesting backside, a narrow building with an interesting brick color.


Back home, I thought about how I’d present these. In previous Backsides efforts, I went toward an artistic effect using Topaz Labs Impression and leaving images in color. This time, though, I felt I had to go with the On1 Photo 10 B&W Paparazzi approach (an effect I really like).


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