Stephen Bishop, Meet Smart Photo Editor

stephen-bishop-at-big-e-p1100567_pe-1600wI’m always looking for an advantage in my creative processes. I came across a tool for Mac’s and Windows’s PC’s called Smart Photo Editor and, with their low introductory price, I was hooked. I dabbled with the trial enough to know it was interesting and I even recommended it to other photographers. But, I held off buying it myself because I have a lot of tools that do this sort of thing.

I was at a recent camera club meeting and someone asked about a particular photo in the competition. Someone else commented, “Oh, that’s Smart Photo Editor, they have about a thousand effects”. Hmmm. A thousand?

Well, it’s pretty close to that and probably growing. I haven’t dabbled enough to know for sure, but this morning I caved in and bought it online. I started going through my recent photos and came across one from Springfield, MA’s Big E that occurs each September. Stephen Bishop was playing at the Honor Stage and I had my Lumix FZ1000 (very long focal length lens). I got a nice closeup from way back, but it wasn’t anything special. Then, SPE kicked in and I found just the right mix of effects. I could go On And On

Here’s another image taken the same day of the parade equipment at the Big E. The young worman is carrying beads that will be thrown out to the crowd as the parade goes through the grounds.



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