Cloudy? Rainy? Edward Hopper To The Rescue!


It’s been a cloudy, rainy day and I had an hour to kill in Northampton. I was near the Greenways Bike Trail that crosses the Connecticutt River (the Norwottuck Rail Trail). I found a few interesting images and, given the dreary conditions (which, to this photographer, always provide pleasant surprises), I wasn’t disappointed. Of course, non of these compare to images that are routinely made by excellent photographers that cover New England during it’s Fall glory season. I try, though.

foliage-and-bridge-structure-1280x I spotted this first arrangement as I walked across the old railroad bridge that now serves as a bike path. The “V” that’s created by the bridge structural elements, and the way the tree branches come up out of it remind me of a floral arrangement in a vase. I liked how the actual photograph looked as I was able to punch up the colors in post using a variety of tools. But, I also wanted to try an experiment with Topaz Labs Impression.

I like the Edward Hopper effect in particular. I like how his brushstrokes and techniques have been captured by the Topaz Labs engineers. I also like the default canvas choices they apply. I’ve used this effect a lot but never all at one time.

The portfolio above wasn’t planned ahead of time. I photographed these three leaves at different times, coming and going on the trail. When I saw the images on my computer monitor, I got the idea that a portfolio presentation might be the right way to go.

Here they are individually…





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