More Backsides From The Shelburne Falls Area

backside-decks-near-bowling-alley-shelbourne-falls-1600hI’ve been thinking about doing a series of photos processed using Topaz Labs Impressions (photopressions?). It’s a series about the backsides of structures. It’s a niche I’m considering pursuing and it wasn’t until I started dabbling with Impressions that these structures started to appeal to me. You could check out some of these in earlier entries in this blog, like this one or this one.

The thing about a niche is that, unless someone else is doing it enough to be notable, it can be a uniquely artistic statement. Imagine a collection of salt and pepper shakers…well, that’s something else I started many years ago.

The thing about a niche is that, once you start, it’s easy to keep it going. I now rarely go into a restaurant or sit at a table without checking out the shakers. Smart phones make it easy to always have a camera ready.

Now, maybe, I’ll just pay more attention to the backsides of structures, those places where people may not always have their best side showing…but there, nevertheless. (In all fairness, such photos need to be made from a public vantage point, otherwise it’s an invasion of privacy. I get that.)


Backsides from previous posts…

Back Stairs 2 Shelburne Falls - 1600h

Back Stairs Shelburne Falls - 1600h

Back Stairs - Bath ME-cropped

Not Shelbourne Falls, but a backside from Bath, ME.



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