When The Weather Does Not Cooperate


Here’s a commercial building in the Shelburne Falls area. (It’s actually in Buckland, but who recognizes that name?) I’d seen this curved structure in someone else’s photo and asked the artist where he made the shot. I had been to this area several times to visit the Bridge of Flowers, but never saw this structure. Sure enough, now that I knew, I found the buildings.The heavily overcast sky needed something and Topaz Labs Impression had what I needed. I used an effect I don’t normally use, but it added the right kind of magic to the sky.


A bit later in our travels north into Vermont, we stopped by a house that was for sale. It was a bit in need of care, a real fixer-upper. It had a nice Halloween vibe, perfect for was yet to come in October. The overcast and meh-looking colors called out for some Topaz Labs Impression-ing.


The next day, much closer to home, the rain had finally arrived. I tell people that rain can punch up colors in leaves and I enjoy going out to shoot foliage on such days. For sure, sunlight can add magic to the hues and tones, but it also adds shadows. That’s not always a good thing. But, rain or shine, foliage photography can be rewarding and you have to take what you can get.

On our way to a local apple orchard, we got lost and found a couple walking under the wet foliage. We spotted the umbrellas first as we came up a hill. I wasn’t driving and normally, as a passenger, I keep my camera handy. For some reason, I left it in the back seat. When I saw the couple walking, my brother (driving) stopped and said, ” Go ahead and shoot this.”

By the time I twisted around, struggled with the seat belt, and found the camera, they were gone.

We drove down into a dip and there they were again. The windshield wipers were running and I had to shoot this in between the swipes. Then, I asked that they be turned off. By the time I got this shot, there were beads of water forming on the windshield making parts of the image blurry. So, once again, a trip to Topaz Labs Impression got me what I needed.


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