Another Weird World Shot – Deck Stuff

stuff-hanging-from-the-deck-composite I had my smartphone handy while waiting for our dog to do his dog thing in the backyard. I was curious about how well the camera would handle dynamic range so I pointed the lens at a wind chime that was blocking out the bright sun. I was surprised that the deck above me had detail. So, I routed the image through Topaz Labs Impressions (again), and used the same effect I’d previously used: Cave Dweller 1.

The effect increased the contrast, making the deck’s underbelly completely dark. I liked how the sky was made to look weird and I knew I could composite this version with the original and add a mask.

What attracted me to this image in the first place? It’s a good question. I’ve recently been talking to other photographers, asking them about the “magic” in their own photographic experiences. It’s that aha kind of thing that you may not even realize is happening, but that gets you to put the camera up to your eye.

In this case, I’m pretty sure it was the three items seen hanging from the deck. I liked them. Then, I saw how the triangle shaped wind chime blocked the sun in a pleasing way. That’s not much of an aha, but maybe it’s more subliminal. There are basic shapes galore in the photo. The circle, VENN diagram-like oval, triangles, cones, parallelograms, and Fibonacci-based tree limbs. These are things that have always fascinated me. Who knows. Maybe that influence me. Now that I realize this, it’s all I can see in the image.


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