Big E 2016 – Opening Day

In our area, the big event for the year is The Big E, the Eastern States Exposition. Normally, I go just to get a baked potato from the Maine Pavilion. Of course, I wander around looking at the events, the attractions, the musical acts, and the people. I walked away from the opening day with three photographs.


I rarely attend the first day and don’t get to see many of the actual judging events. Here the judge was examining cow butts. I’m not sure what he sees, they look the same to my untrained eye. But as with any event, the details are what produce winners. I used my favorite AfterShot Pro preset, Paparazzi, which I’ve modified to a Tri-X black and white level of grainy grit.


I did a bit of Topaz Impression with this photo. The jumping events, when shot from the side, produced motion blur. I moved my position to do a head-on shot, knowing that blur would be less noticeable. Also, the jump that gave me the best head-on was also more brightly lit, so my chances of a higher shutter speed were better. Still, I used Impression so that the painterly effect would overcome any blur one might notice.


I had the least amount of photo manipulation in this photo. I did remove some power lines and tree branches, but otherwise, just normal contrast and brightness kinds of adjustments. I liked the fact that the wind made the flags stand out proudly on each flagpole. Of all the times I’ve gone to the Big E, I never walked up to the platform where these flags are located.


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