Yellow Flower “Test Shot”

YellowFlowerCombinedWandered over to my rear deck where we have flowers in pots. I wanted to do a test shot to check out my macro lens. It was kind of windy so the extreme closeups didn’t work. But this intermediate (which I don’t consider real macro) seemed nice. More to the point, when I saw it on my computer screen, I knew I’d be visiting Topaz Labs Impression.

I’m beginning to come to the realization that this pretend artwork that programs like Impression can produce are a cheaters way to an end. But, it’s still something in the mind’s eye that has to be reproduced. It’s not like I just roll the dice and let the software completely take over. (Although, if you saw me work, that’s exactly what you’d say was happening.) I had this image in mind when I saw what the camera captured, and I saw a pleasing composition during my testing.


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