Clouds Got In My Way

Coming home from shopping recently, I looked up and saw some amazing cloud formations overhead. They were dramatically lit and I had my smart phone. So, click, click click and I had my photos.


The problem was that the phone couldn’t retain detail in the whitest parts of the clouds. I’m not sure my regular camera could have handled that well without lots of compensation. I suppose I could have had the phone underexpose the images (or do some bracketing), but I took my chances.


Fortunately, I had recently acquired some cloud brushes from Grut. (Check them out here.) They are inexpensive and saved the day. Theses tools/presets work with Photoshop and, once you figure out how to access and use them, they can hide the overexposed parts of clouds in an image…as they did with these. (Of course, you can add a bunch of clouds into an image with a bare sky, which is one of Grut’s Cloud Brushes strengths.)


Of the three images in this blog entry (four if you include the banner image), only two needed this kind of treatment. Can you tell which?


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