Liquid Lines And Pynchon Point

Pynchon Pt Pano Agawam MAPynchon Point is in Agawam, MA. It’s where the Westfield River flows into the Connecticut River. It’s midsummer, and the water levels are very low. Recently, while going over the nearby South End Bridge, I spotted people fishing on a beach on the river where I had never seen a beach before. I decided to visit that place today. Agawam maintains a small park there. In this photo, you can see the Westfield River on the left. The much larger Connecticut River is the larger waterway with part of the the Springfield city skyline across the river to the north.

I decided to do some Topas Labs Impression effects on three of the images. I chose images mostly of trees and leaves and selected the Liquid Lines preset. I don’t use this often, so this gave me the excuse to experiment.

Tree Leaves Pynchon Pt Agawam MA

Vegetation is thick around the river and here was a wall of leaves down to the ground.


Leaning Trees Pynchon Pt Agawam MA

Many of the trees seemed lean towards the water. Perhaps common for river trees.


Bridge And Trees Pynchon Pt Agawam MA

You can see the South End Bridge between the trees here.



Pychon Point Panos 24x34 - 1600w

Here are four panoramas: Westfield River, Confluence, Connecticut River and South End Bridge, and the Bridge and Pleasure Boat Docks



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