While Doing My VPC Volunteer Work

Old Camera And Magazine Cover - 1280w-croppedHad some idle time while doing volunteer duty at the Valley Photo Center in Springfield. This magazine is what I used as my mouse pad for my laptop. I liked the pensive look the model had. It was an ad for Kodak film. I originally shot this with the mouse as the item on the magazine because, well, that’s where it was. But, we have old cameras on display and I grabbed on to use in place of the mouse. I went for very shallow DOF and tried to get the lens and the model’s eyes in focus. The first exposure was on the model. A second exposure with more DOF brought too much of the background into focus. So, I used both images, taking what I needed and blending with layers and a mask.

Magazine RackThere’s a glass corner shelving unit at the front of the VPC entry. The volunteers sit for three hours per day and this is a supply of reading material. I noticed Elton John’s face staring up at me from the bottom and I though he completed the composition quite nicely.

Sometimes, when I’m photographing, I know ahead of time that an image will need to be done as a B&W. This was one of those times. I think the color would have distracted the eyes as they move up and down the composition.

Old House For Sale Agawam MA - 1280w While driving home, I noted that the sky had some awesome clouds and I knew about this old farm and farm house not too far from home. I detoured to check it out and I liked everything I saw. I thought about removing the power line coming into the house but decided that it belonged in the scene.


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