Something New, Something Old

I was using Aftershot Pro 2 and, as I exited the program, a pop-up announced an upgrade to version 3. I really like this software by Corel, so I checked it out. Nice. I upgraded.

P1010509_editI wanted to test out a couple things so I looked for a recent, junk image. Junk means I wan’t shooting it for a work of art at the time.

What I found I liked about the new Aftershot Pro 3 is that I could tie in to an external editor and, as Topaz Labs Impression is one of my favs, I did just that. This eventually got me to a Chiaroscuro effect and I gave it a go. Now, two of my go-to photo tools are integrated. (Three if you consider that AS3 includes Prefectly Clear.)

OK, so this isn’t an amazing photographic work of art. I don’t care. It’s mine. 🙂

Next, I went way back to one of the first images I made with my then brand new Nikon D2x, back in 2006. Same sequence, AP3 to TLI using a different artist effect.

Spencer Smithville Rd Farm - 16x9 crop - 1200w

Woodside Road in Spencer, MA 2016

Admittedly, today’s experiment doesn’t delve into the new features that Aftershot Pro 3 provides, but I’m still playing and the integration with external editors is awesome. Besides, I’ve got some gardening work I need to do.


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