Drizzly Night And Church Steeple And Old Friends

P1010511-cropped-1200w Had a chance to visit my old friends, Seven Hills Camera Club. It was their 70th anniversary, originally the Photo Color Club Of Worcester back then. I had been a member for over 30 years, but had to stop attending when we moved away.

This night, in addition to celebrating their 70th year, they held a multi-club image competition with three other camera clubs. They had Worcester’s Stephen DiRado as their judge. He was great, too, with good commentary and very sensible judging. All in all, a nice night. Unfortunately, they didn’t win this time; however…wait until next year?

I brought my camera but didn’t photograph anything while there. I arrived a bit late and the proceedings were well under way. I didn’t want to disturb anyone. Afterwards, some of us had a long chat with Stephen who shared a lot of stories and useful information.

It wasn’t until I was leaving that I picked up my camera from where I had stored it and, as I got to the car, noticed the church steeple in the fog-like drizzle. The noise in the image was nicely handled by Silkypix Pro software and, after that, Topaz Labs Impression gave me the painterly look I wanted.


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