A Salt And Pepper Niche

150508-DSC_0007_LUCiDA while back, years ago, in fact, I had gone to a dinner in Vermont. We’d been photographing in the area and, at some point, got really hungry. As I was sitting at the counter waiting for my meal, I noticed an arrangement of the salt and pepper shakers. I had my camera ready and made a photo. Then, I thought, why not keep photographing these whenever I encountered them? …like a niche?

So, I did, for a while, on and off again.

I guess I wasn’t really that dedicated to the projecte because, over the years, I only made maybe 30 or so such photographs. I don’t even know where most are, anymore. The ones I shot were likely done with a DSLR so I should be able to find them.

Here are some, though, which I did find and process. There’s no steadfast rule about what has to be in the photo. I guess, as long as there’s either salt or pepper somewhere, it’s part of the niche.

What’s interesting is, now, whenever I find salt and pepper, I think about my camera (or smart phone). If the setting isn’t too messy, I’m pretty sure I’ll take the shot.







Rest assured, when I find more, I’ll add them. 🙂

Steaming Tender 20160420 – Once-A-Month Lunch




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