Thing(s) A Day

P1010317_LUCiDI participated in Thing-A-Day for the first time in February. It requires that you come up with something creative each day and post to their website. I was nervous about being able to keep up with the demands, but between my music, photo, and video interests, I was able to pull it off.

TAD has been an active WordPress-based site for several years. For whatever reason, it died off for a while but was resuscitated as Thing-A-Day-Lives. That is the one I chose as my initiation into this form of artistic challenge.

Some of my posts were of song lyrics that I started to prepare. What I posted was an early draft of each; the final version coming out days later and not published at all. I would use those lyrics to fulfill my obligation to TADL.

Sometimes, I would post an image that had its initial capture done a day or two earlier. The TAD-ness, in such cases, was the effects I would ply to make the image interesting.


Here are some of my TADL’s for 2016…

You Are Not Your Age - autoblended_1 SnowOnBranchesMirror-2-cropped P1090134 P1090084_1-1920w

P1090083 P1010345 P1010337 Abstract-cropped_LUCiD_PerfectEffects-9

P1010332_1 P1010328_1 Colorful Vertical Lines Flipped_LUCiD-cropped Clear Winner - P1010360




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