Oh, Christmas Tree

A nearby town, Easthampton, MA, recently finished work on a boardwalk promenade overlooking their Nashawannuck Pond. We didn’t know what to expect and, I think, were nicely treated to some serious fog-bound scenery for our cameras. Central to everything was a Christmas tree on a float in the center of the boardwalk viewing area. It was the first thing we saw when we got out of the car and onto the boardwalk.


I went wide-angle and tried to come up with a variety of views.



The wide-angle lens let me include this light in the composition. I think that, if you hadn’t seen the other images, you might wonder what this image was all about.


As I was about to leave, a man walked by with fishing gear. This was early December and, what with global warming, December apparently does not guarantee snow and ice anymore. I’m sure this man appreciated the chance to extend his no-ice fishing season.




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