Hanging Out (In) A Parking Garage

Going home after a visit to a print exhibit at Springfield, MA’s Tower Square’s Valley Photo Center Gallery, my brother, Art, started driving out of the parking garage. He pulled over, once we got near to an exit ramp, and said, “Get your camera.” He had spotted an interesting composition. So we did and he made a few photos. I took over and started making a few of my own. Then, he said, come on over to the edge.


Art spotted a Yellow Cab at a red light below. By the time I got to where he was, I had time for just one shot. Unfortunately, my camera was set for the wrong mode and, by the time I corrected the settings, the cab was gone. I made this other shot, eventually.


Tilting the camera up and to the left, I found this composition forming of the building across the street. I liked the people in a cluster by the Sheraton entrance. To the right, there were two individuals approaching them. I waited for one of two to disappear behind the building’s column. The other one, with the luggage, looked more interesting and I wanted only him in the shot. There is just the slightest amount of separation between his body and the tree. A split second later and the shot wouldn’t work because he would become part of the tree.

TowerCenterParkingHolidayLights -1200h

I wandered to the other side of the garage, leaned out grabbing my camera strap in one hand and the camera in the other. I didn’t want to drop the camera as I reached as far as I could out beyond the parking garage’s wall. I have an articulating LCD display on the camera so I was able to frame this image even as the camera was an arm’s length away. (Why don’t all cameras have this feature?)

Parking Garage Pano - 1920w

This is what Art had anticipated when he first pulled the car over. He shot some stills of this and I set the camera to panorama mode and did this sweep. Unfortunately, I had the camera set to manual focus and thought it was auto. So, I’m pretty sure the stills we captured are a bit soft. That appears to be the case in this panorama, if you look closely. I wish the auto-panorama would have given me a bit more of the right-side. I’m still learning how to use this mode.


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