Tuscany Streets Triptych

Enjoying some down time at home, in between Fall and Winter, while it’s quiet at home…I decided to visit some old slide-to-digital conversions. These, typically, don’t compare well to images shot directly by a digital camera. In this case, I don’t know if these were done using a slide scanner, or if I simply took the slides and rephotographed them with my Nikon D100 (or even my Coolpix). The image quality is poor, but with image processing tech, things can get interesting.

I’ve always loved the way the streets in Tuscany looked like living paintings. So, I though, why not apply painting-like effects. This way, I could overcome some of the graininess of the slide film and make the un-sharpness of this process less important in the final image. Oh, and I loved the fact that there was laundry everywhere you looked.

Triptych Portfolio(Click the image to view a full version.)

The images I chose don’t have any one thing in common. I think they were shot it different towns and cities. I remember an alley where there were no people. The colors and architecture looked like a painting right there in front of me. The restaurant tables out in the street were commonplace. No need to worry about traffic. And, so many piazzas were magnets for tourists needing to take a break, enjoy the sunlight, and absorb as much of Italy as possible.


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