Visions Of What Dreams May Come

Visions Of What Dreams May Come - 1600wAcadia In Early Fall – a recent trip to Maine included a one-day swing through Acadia National Park. The last time we visited there, two years ago, Congress shut down the government, which meant the national parks were closed. This time, we made it.

One special place in Acadia is the top of Cadillac Mountain. It’s the highest point on the US Eastern coast. Of course, the views are special. I managed to capture a couple just sitting, enjoying the view and the sun. When I got home, I knew that I would like to have them in front of an Impressionistic looking valley. This might fool the eye as a quick look may make you think it’s just out-of-focus background. But, it is, in fact, some post processing done selectively.

I call this Visions Of What Dreams May Come because of the Robin Williams movie, What Dreams May Come. The line, itself, is from Shakespeare (Hamlet), and was later a book by Richard Matheson. In the movie, Williams is depicted, in death, running through fields of flowers which are wet oils on a canvas. When I saw the couple, I imagined them looking out onto the valley below, not realizing it was a wet canvas.

We stayed in Rockport, ME and had a house on the bay. There were numerous photo ops. Here are two that were made into some WDMC shots, thanks to Topaz Labs.

Searching For Seaglass - 1600wt

Boats In Rockland Harbor In Evening -1600h



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