Old Stagecoach At The Steaming Tender

StageCoachAtRRStation-LLThis stagecoach is at The Steaming Tender in Palmer, MA. It’s an old railroad station converted into a very nice restaurant. There are all manner of odd and ends from the heyday of railroads at the entrance, including this nicely restored stagecoach.

But, this day, it was all about my new camera and lens and my looking for something to capture. Technically, I’m using a micro 4/3 camera with a “normal” lens. I chose a point of view that minimized anything modern (like automobiles or people). I wasn’t trying to recreate a period look and feel, but mostly just the stagecoach.

This isn’t a straight photograph, of course. It has been manipulated using Topaz Labs Impression and their Liquid Lines filter. I clicked around, trying different effects, and this one seemed to work best with the photo.

You can notice a green wagon wheel in the lower right. I should have been more diligent in my composition. It’s a mistake. In processing, I didn’t want to try cloning it out and cropping would eliminate some of the balance in how the rest of the photo’s elements combine.

I wonder, if I didn’t mention it, would folks notice on their own? I think some of my photographer friends/viewers might.


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