Some From The Road

I originally titled this Two For The Road because of the two images I processed. Then, I kind of started to like the shopping carts in the banner photo. Anyway, here’s what happened today…

…I had to wait for a couple hours while my car was being serviced in a town with a very busy commercial shopping area. Rather than wait in the air conditioned customer convenience room, I decided to stroll down the busy road and check out my new lens instead. FWIW – it’s a 25mm F1.4, which on my camera is like a 50 in 35mm terms. It’s what folks refer to as “normal”. I don’t often use normal, so I though I’d give it a go.

Girl Figure On Wall Under Sconce-1200hThe sun was high and hot, and there were very few clouds in the sky. The immediate area I was in wasn’t very interesting and I almost didn’t go. I remember a lesson I learned from several photographers. Basically, it’s that you should just start shooting. The act of doing naturally leads to more doing, and eventually, you’ll find something that was actually worth “doing” in the first place. It kind of worked.

The image of the girl in a dress under a lighting sconce on a restaurant wall was heavily processed in Topaz Impression. I like the effects choices I made. I almost didn’t see this at first. It was all that doing that made me notice, I guess.

Run Down Service Station-1200hAfter a while, I found a run down service station. Or, perhaps it was a used car dealership. The area was more akin to the latter, even though it looks like a service station. Either way, it was the only really interesting thing I saw while I was still “doing”.

Of the three vantage points I chose, I liked this one because of the large billboard. It added an unusual element to the composition.

The effect, here, is also from Topaz.

About the only non-Topaz image is that of the shopping carts. I found them early in my walk. I thought it odd that they should be lined up by the side of the road in the way they were. I thought they might belong to some homeless people, but none were near and there really wasn’t an area that lent itself to providing comfort to them. Then I though, maybe they’re being queued for pickup…but it’s an odd place for that, too. Then I though, why not photograph them? See what doing did for me?


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