New Camera, New Inspiration, New Images


Just got my new camera. I sold off all the older, very heavy, Nikon gear and went the way of Micro 4/3 – very easy on the shoulders and neck and, because of its similarity to a Leica rangefinder (somewhat of an inspirational camera, given it was Cartier-Bresson’s workhorse), I’m hoping some of that inspiration rubs off, for sure.

TobaccoBarn-WestfieldMA-P1000407-1200hSo, after doing some errands, needing to take a detour because of road work, and knowing there were some tobacco fields nearby, I allowed myself to have some fun.

I think I should have been going toi visit these barns all along over the past few years I’ve lived in the area. Don’t know why I didn’t. Maybe I was just hoping to test out the sharpness of the new camera-lens combination. What I didn’t know was that this barn had these interesting doors, each slightly different.

The new camera’s native aspect ratio is 4:3. It’s a 20 Mp sensor so one can crop to 3:2 and still have a reasonable detailed image pixel-wise. I always like the 3:2, and even 10:9 ratio for horizontals. I think I may find myself preferring 4:3 for horizontals, though.

TobaccoBarn-WestfieldMA-P1000405-1200wI’m not disappointed in the sharpness or close-up capability of my wide-angle lens. It’s a 15mm focal length which, in full-frame film mode, would be 30mm. Some might claim this to be an oddball focal length, but it fits me just right. I think I naturally “see” in a wide-angle way and have always preferred such lenses. In fact, I think of “normal” lenses (50mm in full frame parlance) as mildly telephoto.

FWIW – the images have been mildly processed. Mostly, I kicked up the intensity of the colors in the doors using different techniques. Even straight out of the camera, the images were fine. I really liked it that I had zero blown highlights in the clouds, which was a struggle for my older camera’s sensor.

BarnAndCornField-V2-1200wA short distance from the tobacco barns, I stopped to photograph an old barn in a corn field, definitely not a tobacco barn. I made two photos using exposure-locking, in both bright and dark areas. This made it possible to use Photomatix for an mild HDR image. The new camera handled the bright clouds nicely, but the deep shadows on the shadow side of the barn and trees prompted me to try HDR. I could have bracketed automatically, but I’m still getting used to this camera’s controls. I know how I would do this with my Nikon D2x. It has convenient buttons for this type of control. With the new camera, I need to use menus (or buttons I haven’t yet discovered). Either way, the subject matter wasn’t going anywhere soon.

I experimented with longer lenses after I got an adapter for some of my leftover (as yet, unsold) Nikon lenses. I learned two things: a cheap adapter dollar-wise is cheap built-wise, and an adapter means you miss out on things that you don’t really want to miss out on (like autofocus, auto aperture). So, I stuck the adapter onto one lens and will probably never take it off. Now, my 50mm F1.4 Nikkor (and oldie but goodie) is in the camera bag and I’ll use it for portraits and bokeh loving creativity. Here are some test shots just walking around the back yard.

P1000481 P1000482 P1000488

In the future, I may or may not go super wide. I thought I might want to do so sooner, but that requires a hefty investment in one, specific lens, and it may not match up what I really need. (Hey, what’s this need stiff? …I want.)


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