Impossible Views

ImpossibleRRBridge-PhilPA-1200wI thought this could be the beginning a niche of images. These would be things that don’t or can’t exist. They are made up of parts that do and, when assembled in the photo editing realm, interesting things develop. This looks interesting to me and, if I didn’t know it was a fake, I might try to figure it out.

Here is a view of a railroad bridge going through Philadelphia. I shot from one side of the street where it crossed overhead. Then, I went to the other side and shot the other view. The original images are not exactly opposites. Had the been, the I guess I couldn’t have made this. Now, the bridge structure, as shown, makes no sense. It’s not like there ever a really sharp corner where there are train tracks.

Here’s another…I call it Dam Illusion. It’s not as interesting, perhaps, and done up quickly so you should be able to see the imperfections. Maybe imperfections are part of the charm. What you are really seeing is both sides of the boulder field that makes up the dam sides. It was pure coincidence that the perspective of the road matches the angle of the left side.



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