From Montreal, With Love


Went to Montreal to see U2 in concert. As we waited for band members to stop and sign autographs, across the street were fans who wanted a different view. I think they had the right idea. In the crowd, unless you had a front row position, you didn’t really get to see much. These people, of course, saw everything.

This image had help from computer manipulation. The original photograph is OK, but the gold color from the lights just begged to be enhanced, and the anonymity that the effects produced are spot on. We don’t need to see exactly what the people are doing. (Most were glued to their phones.)



Walking around on a rainy day in Montreal doesn’t mean you have to stop taking pictures. This line of bikes, which I think of as “the fleet being grounded because of rain”, presented a composition that had to be photographed. The effects in the computer makes the image look blurred, as it would if raindrops had splattered the front element of a lens. Since it was obviously raining, a perfect match.



There’s an underground city in Montreal. It was put in place to make the shopping centers, theaters, subway, restaurants, and other services available to people when the street conditions are intolerable or inconvenient. It snows and rains there as much as any Northern city for sure. Probably more. Hey, Canada is where all the cold weather comes from, right.

This view is looking straight up from the underground level through the occasional skylights center of the shopping district. If I had time, I would have liked to go to each of the many skylights there and photograph them as a theme.

This image has been processed with Topaz Impression because I wanted to convey a feeling as opposed to details.


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