Rummaging Through My Phone Image Collection

I use an app called Sweet Home to back up my photos to my computer. Sometimes the images just sit there forgotten. Sometimes they end up in a post. I decided to revisit some of the images and post them here.


I think I stepped out onto my back deck and found this cloud formation coming in from the west. I grabbed my S5 and looked up and captured the image. Then, I forgot about it until a few days ago. I noticed the awesome “God Light” coming out of the cloud and thought, “Gee, I need to post this.” Today, I did.

141023-IMAG1428On a recent drive across the U.S., we spent a couple days in New Orleans. We liked finding interesting places for breakfast and this is one of them. As we were the only patrons (we were early and NOLA was just waking up, herself), I set my phone on its side and snapped this simple study.

I would have loved to have been able to set up a timelapse from this position to see the kind of changes you’d see throughout the day.


When visiting my brother in Merchantville, NJ, we often take a drive through Philadelphia, which is just across the river. He works there and loves to point out various landmarks. Sometimes, I only have a chance for a quick grab shot as we turn a corner. I liked the reflections from sunlight on windows on the buildings, sort of a negative shadow effect.

20150505_151238I like to do a long walk to the local fitness center. It’s either that, or I get on a stationary bike and do 20 minutes of boring cycling. The idea is to get the heart pumping; something they recommend before working with the weight machines. I prefer walking. For one thing, my imagination wanders and I sometimes come up with song ideas. Other times, there are interesting images that I can capture. This was one such case, low hanging from a tree in full Springtime bloom. I just stood there for a while enjoying the beauty of it when I realized, “Hey, I ought to photograph this.”

130930-IMAG0698We were vacationing in Maine in the Bar Harbor region. We’d rented a house on the ocean and our first morning gifted us with this beautiful sunrise. I liked the way Lee was sitting enjoying the view. Her coffee cup provided the perfect compositional element. I simply steadied the phone on its side on the back of the chair by the table and let the phone’s camera electronics take care of the rest.


Part of drive across the U.S. found us in Niagra, NY. We didn’t cross into Canada for the traditional view of the falls. I wanted to experience the American side up close and, quite frankly, it’s pretty nice. You can get really close to the falls, too. There’s an island that splits the river into sections. Horseshoe Falls, of course, is on one side (our left), with the American Falls split in two. There are bridges you can cross to get between the falls, here, and the mist, rumble, thunderous sound all contribute to the experience. On the Canadian side, you are more of a spectator. On the American side, you’re almost a participant.


Our town has a senior center and during our first visit there, we wandered around checking out the facility. One member suggested we poke our head into their library. To me, it almost looked like it was a display room that you were to admire but not enter. Personally, I like my own easy chair for reading.

150319-IMAG0152During a visit to my brother (mentioned above), we wandered over to a convenience store to get sandwiches. We were both drawn to this construction site as it if were a magnet pulling us in. There was no, “Hey, let’s stop and check this out.” We just naturally stopped, crossed the street, pulled out our phones, and peered through the chain link fence.

I like the graphics and contrast going on here. These phones really do a great job with contrast, dynamic range.

TreesInSnowNearWorldCafeWandering further around Philadelphia…we had to drive to this place. We visited a radio station which hosts free lunchtime performance. I got to see Blackberry Smoke, a country group that wrote/played music that I really like. I’m a fan and have, since then, seen videos of things like their favorite guitars (and I love stories about guitars). One member used an acoustic guitar as a drum. It was obviously modified for this purpose and I haven’t been able to learn more about how that was done. I’ll keep looking, though. What a clever idea. (I wish now I had take the time to meet them after the concert and ask.)

There was just a slight bit of snow on the ground and we found ourselves on the bridge near the station looking down. We both shot this tree study, crossed to the other side, and I shot this stop sign.


150317-IMAG0131I visited the college where my brother works. They have a Photography Department and in the large studio, there are all manner of odds and ends that get used in different classes. A cart had sheets of paper and I found this composition. The background is the white wall with its own set of shadows that compliment the curves of the paper. I didn’t notice this at first. I was concentrating on the waves the paper made.

150317-IMAG0144I like the fact that I can get in close on subjects. The tiny sensors and lenses in these smart phones can do that quite easily and provide depth of field sufficient (DOF) to make things look reasonably sharp.

Of course, the rage nowadays is to have shallow DOF and that can be a either a blessing or curse.


My parting shot is of a juke box keypad. We had a meal in an old-style diner and it had these players in each of the booth areas. I don’t know if there are new and made to look old, or old ones that have been pulled out of junk piles and restored. All I know is that, now I have a shot of such a keypad should I ever need one for something.

That’s kind of the beauty of smart phone cameras. It’s so easy, now, to get these kinds of grab shots, add them to your collection, and then make a web page out of them – like this one!


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