Red Leaves Abound

141110-IMAG0003I had my smart phone handy when I noticed how nicely the leaves had fallen from a decorative tree in the front yard. I got on my belly, pointed the lens out and slightly up, focused on the foreground leaves, and made this shot.

I like what’s going on in that the red leaves are so nicely colorful and if you look closely, you can discern what’s going on. But, there’s a feel that I’m looking for and so I pulled the image into Topaz Labs Impression and got these…

Red Fall Leaves - TL-TSII

Red Fall Leaves - TL-SSII

Red Fall Leaves - TL-LLII

Red Fall Leaves - TL-CZII

I have to admit that, I was quite lazy in manipulating these. I chose four recommended defaults. I like something about each of these from simple to zany, and saturated to normal. I don’t know if I have a favorite; maybe the first of the four?



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