Crazy For Triptychs

In my last post, I started off discussing the HD format and how it’s grown on me and how one way to better utilize portrait oriented images taken in that aspect ration is to do triptych presentations. So, this morning, I went through some of my older images and began organizing. Most of my images are not already 16×9, so I cropped to make them so. I’m basically testing if I like this way of displaying images. Here are some results.

Flowers and Bokeh

Flowers TriptychEveryone has pictures of flowers. What’s not to like. Well, they can get tedious. I’m not sure that this grouping is the best, but it’s what I had available. But, if there are many, many flower pictures in your collection, keep your presentation short and sweet. This may, therefore, be my last one of flowers. And, one more thing. That bokeh thing really should be a big part of flower pictures, don’t you think?

HDR at Woronoco

WoronocoTriptychA while back, I went through and HDR phase. In Woronoco, which is part of Russell, MA, has some run down buildings. This series of images is from a trip there. I’m thinking that the background image may need to be more transparent to make the three stand out. But, as I’m growing weary of HDR, I think I may just leave it alone and never do another.


Sky Study 2 Triptych PortfolioI have a good view of the sky from my front yard. This study of clouds shows their dark side, of course. But, the colors that come from the heavens are always there, just waiting to be observed and enjoyed.

Sky Study 1 Triptych PortfolioAnd here we go with a brighter golden view. What’s not to like.

Fish Eye On Webster Street

Worcester Wide Triptych PortfolioBack when I had a fisheye lens, I visited Webster Street with a group of photographers. I could have straightened the barrel distortion with software, but I like the effect. Also, when you straighten things, you lose some of the wide.

Spencer, MA

Spencer MA Football Field Triptych PortfolioHad a chance to visit the Spencer, MA football field. I was up there (it’s on a hill) photographing for a friend who was scouting locations for a movie. I like the symmetry of the building atop the stands.

SpencerFireHydrantsTriptychWhen I lived in Spencer, I often would walk the hills there. It was a good workout. One day, I had a small camera and fixated on all the red fire hydrants. If it hadn’t been for the camera, I probably would have just ignored them.

Spencer Ice Storm Triptych Portfolio

I remember a terrible ice store in early December when I lived in Spencer. The northern part of town (as well as the state, I suppose) lost power for many days. You can see here the damage that the ice did. So many trees on power lines. The work crews had a tough time of it.

Tree Reflections

Tree Reflections Triptych PortfolioI like this combination because it goes from weird to straightforward depending on how still the water is.

Well Worn And Weathered

Old Siding Triptych PortfolioPaint and wood, made for each other but weather works its magic and the deterioration can then become quite interesting and beautiful.

A Bit Of History Withering Away

BethlehemSteelTriptychSpeaking of deterioration, the once great Bethlehem Steel Mill is also withering away from neglect. Had a chance to visit Bethlehem, PA one day and was quite impressed with what is left over from better days. While there, we heard that the Smithsonian had been doing a survey of the site to see how to preserve its history. I would love it if they had tours.

Three Ways Of Seeing The Same Thing

One Barn Three Versions Triptych PortfolioThis time, I decided to make a single image into a triptych using some image processing to get different effects. What attracted me to this barn in the first place was how busting at the seams it looked because of the hay.

Ice Fall Along Rt. 8 In Connecticut

Ice Fall Along Rt 8 CT Triptych

While cruising around western MA, my brother and I drove south on Rt. 8 into Connecticut. We saw this ice fall and we jumped out to photograph. My brother was a bit more adventurous. His trust in the strength of the ice was more than mine. I’ve never seen his shots of this ice fall. Maybe now he’ll show me.

Chair And Sunlight Study

Chair Study Triptych Portfolio

Went to visit a fellow photographer’s studio and saw this posing chair in the corner. I liked the way the light hit it and struggled to find a group of images that would fit the triptych theme. All the original shots were made horizontally so I had to slice bits out of three images to tell a story. I chose the story of the eye can go from the chair and out through the window. Kind of trippy…or should that be triptychy?

Water Colors

Water Colors 2 Triptych Portfolio

I love Fall in New England. I don’t know if we have the best. Other parts of the country can claim that if they like, but I believe we do. The fun in this triptych and the next is in how water enhances the imagery.

Water Colors 1 Triptych Portfolio

My Takeaway…

So, my takeaway from all of this is that, when I shoot verticals (portrait mode), I’m going to make sure I give some thought to additional images that support a triptych presentation. Finding a common theme after the fact is harder, although not impossible. But finding one while you are shooting, well, that’s part of the creativity challenge. I think it should be easier.


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