Something from 2007

DSC_5186-PC-red lips-cropped copyWent out on a photo trek with a Worcester group, they were hosting a Trash The Dress day using models and donated wedding dresses. I was the old timer that day and some of the folks looked at me as if I had some special skills, as if I had been doing this all my life. Truth is, I’ve been photographing a long time, but rarely with models. So, this was a new to me as it was to them. Still, I felt awkward directing the men and women who were there to pose. After a while, I got more comfortable, but I think that’s because of the experience of the models. They made it easy.

In this photo, the three models had been in the warm Rhode Island waters and I walked up and did my thing. I don’t think I even tried posing; they just fell into this composition naturally. My only real creative contribution was post processing a few things. In fact, it was because of my having learned something new about Photoshop that I was perusing old photos to see if I could apply my newly learned skill. When I saw this photo (again) in my collection, I pulled it up and make some additional tweaks with presets and add-ons.

FYI – the woman on the left was there not as a model but as a beautician. While working in the tent doing makeup on the models, one of the photographers asked if she’d be willing to pose, too. She said, “yes”, and we were quite happy that she did.

So, what was my newly acquired skill? …well, it had something to do with layers, masks, and selections based on color. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do it right, but no matter, it’s the result that matters. Why did I need to do this? …the model in the middle had red eye shadow and blue lipstick. I liked the all-red look more.

So, now my challenge is to go out and shoot more material, do more Photoshop, post here, and repeat as often as necessary.


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