Becket Quarry

The New England Oddities Meetup Group had scheduled a trip to the old rock quarry in Becket, MA. This property is maintained by the Becket Land Trust and contains not just the quarry, itself, but some old rusty equipment that looked like it was just shut off one day and abandoned. Time and weather have taken their toll, leaving the rest to the enjoyment of those to travel there and, especially, to the photo gatherers who like that kind of thing.


I learned that despite the no swimming and diving warnings at the trail head, this is a popular spot for teens to go to jump off the cliffs.

There are lots nature trails in addition to the ones leading to the Quarry’s points of interest. On this day, in mid-October, there would normally be a temptation to photograph all the fall foliage, but this year the colors are off. This may be because of the heavy rains we’ve had recently. Fortunately, there is lots more to point a lens at here.

DSC_7081-PCThe equipment that was used day-to-day at the Quarry looks like it was just abandoned as the workers walked away one day, never to return. Cables, derricks, tanks, engines, trucks, and probably lots of other interesting stuff buried in the brush and leaves. The property is open to the public and donations are appreciated (but not required). You can find your way around by downloading a couple PDF maps or, taking a map at the trailhead. There’s enough area to explore to be able to spend many hours, or come back another day.

DSC_7119-PCThe quarry has the expected pool of deep water that undoubtedly attracts swimmers in the Summer months. There are signs prohibiting swimming and diving, but you can find the places where people will jump from the cliffs. Also, if you look up in the trees, you’ll see a rope that, if you could reach it easily, you could swing out over the water and jump in. (In fact, the rope is near the spot where YIG is reclining in the photo above.)


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