Amherst Street Panorama

Made a trip this morning to meet some folks for breakfast. It turns out, I had the wrong day. Rather than waste the trip, I wandered around a bit on this Saturday morning. The sun was breaking through the clouds and, quite often, if you look around, you’ll see some dramatic lighting. I looked across Pleasant Street at a bagel store that had some interesting things in front. I looked past that and saw a church and that’s when it it me, “Wow! Light!”. I had my iPhone and thought I should try to shoot a panorama.



Normally, I shoot panoramas from left to right. I made sure that as I lined up the overlapping images (usually you need to overlap by about 25%), I paid attention to the oncoming traffic. I wanted to make sure no person or vehicle was captured twice. If this happens, you get weird ghosting. Even without such overlaps, you can end up with ghosting. I did, here, but it’s not too bad. As I was managing the overlaps, I noticed the yellow car and hoped that I could capture it in its own frame. I especially wanted that yellow to help make the image pop.


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