Me An My iPhone

I recently got an iPhone thanks to points I’d accumulated from my American Express card use. I have had iPhone envy for a while and part of that envy came from seeing photos other photographers made with their iPhones. Now, the newer model even has HDR capability and that’s something I’ve been playing around with recently using my DSLR. Of course, the iPhone’s HDR is simpler and less extreme…but that leaves room for post processing, which I like to do. So, I thought I’d spend some time going forward using my phone in exactly the same way…for the pure pleasure of making good photographs. The fact that the iPhone is so useful in other ways, like being a phone, is nice, too.


I was walking up from my mailbox when I saw the tree shadows on the fresh snow. I thought, wouldn’t that make a nice photograph. Then, all of a sudden, I remembered my iPhone.

Apple Reflections

I was in the local Price Rite and spotted a spherical mirror over the fresh fruit. I positioned the iPhone to get just the elements I wanted.


I really liked the pattern that the snow and fence created here. It’s going to take a while before I get used to framing an image using the back LCD of either a camera or my iPhone. I’m so used to optical viewfinders that I’m sure I may have gotten a better angle. This one isn’t bad, though.

Earlier In The Month

IceFalls-ColebrookCT-1Shortly after I got my iPhone, in early January, I had a chance to go for a short photo excursion with my brother, Art. He’s a terrific photographer and will often spend more time shooting a scene that I will. That leaves me time to not only make a few photos of my own, but often include photos of him making photos. Here’s one image from my Project 52 posting for Week 51.

The posting states that I was fooling with HDR and that shooting ice might be a good test for this. Truth be told, I’m not sure I really had the camera set to HDR mode. The ice photos worked, though, because, it was an overcast day.


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